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Hydraulic Tset Pump

pressure testing and blasting table controlled by computer

All our R & D and production of pressure test pump (tester) digital control pressure test system, the computer control pressure test system and non - standard pressure test control system can cooperate with domestic and foreign any type of pump pressure test, pressure test, pressure test equipment for all kinds of pressure test, pressure test, blasting, can help you American equipment to complete the API certification CE certification and ISO quality system certification and approval.

1, use of equipment condition

The equipment shall be in the normal use of the following circumstances:

1, the equipment should be increased in the Party A shall not be other facilities under normal installation.

2, the maneuver time: 7.5 hour x class 3 / 250 days X days / year =5625 hours / year

3, the environment temperature: -5 ~42

4, the relative humidity: 70-90%

The 2 part describes the configuration, equipment


According to the technical requirements of production equipment:

The body of the device is controlled by a computer system, a liquid crystal control system, electric pressure test pump is composed of three parts. The pressure test and test independently of the liquid crystal numerical control system and electric pressure test pump from the computer control system, but can only display and control of pressure (show the accuracy and precision of control and computer system) can't data and print report.

computer control system

Computer control cabinet, the host computer, display, printer, UPS power, adapter, switchboard contactor several, computer control test pressure blasting software etc..

computer control software

The software interface and control the content requested by Party A, Party B to complete the function, and provides software permanently upgrade service.

LCD control system

LCD control cabinet, pressure test pump control system, LED liquid crystal display a column display instrument, a set of Hitachi converter, a full range of 1/1000 sensors, a distribution system, equipment etc.

electric pressure test pump

Electric pressure test pump (motor), with a 0.25 pointer type pressure gauge, pressure hose (two with M22 nut * 1.5) 10 meters and vulnerable parts a. Shell using stainless steel cover. Dimensions and weight of no special requirements. Supporting pressure gauge, safety valve, pressure sensor to meet the requirements of the pressure test pump.


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