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Steel cylinder rust cleaning equipment

Steel cylinder rust cleaning equipment  

Model: SX-Z10/260

¢ñBrief introduction and application
Based on the need of reparation and inspection required by steel cylinder inspection station or oxygen supplier, SX-Z10/260 oxygen steel cylinder rust cleaning equipment is to clean the rust marks outside the oxygen cylinder (or cylinders with similar shape to oxygen cylinder) that meeting the standards of safety inspection.

This equipment is compact structured, advanced, reliable and easy to operate. It is able to effectively save labor, reduce the labor intensity and environment friendly. After the cylinder is loaded on the equipment, fixed in the rubber wheel, the rest of work is all done by automatic electronic appliances.
The dust and pollution during the rust cleaning process are discharged with vacuum facility to the dust disposal equipment, and thus this rust cleaning equipment is ideal for professional inspection station of steel cylinder.
¢òMain specification
Power supply           220V50HZ
Horse power           2.25KW
Rusting cleaning range  Dia.: 210mm
Length:                 1100~1700mm
Spinning speed of cylinder 60r/Min
Spinning speed of brush  1400r/Min
Equipment movement speed  S=1.7m/Min
Size                  3000*590*1070mm
Weight            1000kg

¢óStructure and working principle
The steel cylinder rust cleaning equipment is assembled on a frame, with following parts: 
Loading facility: Manually operated, putting the steel cylinder in and out of rubber wheel.
Gearing system: The motor runs the shaft, controlled by electronic control box, to spin steel cylinder and move the rust cleaning facility left and right.    
Rusting cleaning facility: It includes motor, steel wire rope, strap wheel, hand wheel, shaft and so on that assembled on a plate. The electronic control box makes the wheel spin and move to and fro in order to clean the rust outside the steel cylinder.
Dust discharging facility: Dust discharged with vacuum fan, through pipe, into the disposal equipment.
Electronic control box: Electronic facility to control the mechanical functions of the steel cylinder rust cleaning equipment.
The steel slot under the equipment shall be fixed horizontally with ground, making sure the equipment is able to stabilize when operating.
The dust discharging vacuum fan shall fixed horizontally with pipe in order to discharge the dust into the disposal equipment
Check the electronic control box, well connected with the ground; lubricate every part to make sure the equipment runs smoothly.
Connected with power, turn the key switch, try the movement of equipment and check if it is running according to the requirements. (Please note the switch direction can not be wrongly pushed, otherwise the chain may be broken off.)
Erect the loading facility, push empty cylinder into it, lie it down and fix it in the rubber wheel. 
According to the length of cylinder, adjust the beam to support the bottom of cylinder.
According to the diameter of cylinder, adjust the hand wheel to make the brush touch the cylinder surface. It shall not be too tight; otherwise it may go out of the track.
Following the instruction on the electronic control panel, do the rust cleaning.
It takes about 2 minutes to clean up the rust, do it again if the rust is serious. For cleaning the neck of cylinder, scraper can be applied with hands.
After the rust is cleaned, stop the equipment, take off the cylinder and replace the other, operate as same as the above steps.
Operation finished, turn off the power.
¢öSpare parts
A few brushes are provided with different diameter.
¢÷Repair and maintenance
Keep the equipment tidy, check the lubricants of every part regularly, add more if necessary.
Check the electronic control box regularly, keep well connection with ground.
Adjust the gearing parts and chain if any looses found.
Contact with us if any new parts are needed.

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