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Hydraulic Tset Pump

2D-SY100MPa-130MPa Electric test pump

2D-SY100MPa-130MPa   Electric test pump

Chapter 1. Brief introduction
2D-SY50/100, 2D-SY18/100 electric pressure test pumps are electric double-cylinder contraposition reciprocate portable test pumps, the main application is as following:

General pressure test: Mainly applied on container, chemical industrial equipment and so on for water pressure, seal, intensity and explosion tests, as well as the high pressure liquid in the lab.

Pg160MPa --loading changes tests of pressure gauge.
Pg100MPa --overloading tests of pressure gauge.

Pg100MPa --rubber pipe explosion tests.

The test medium is water, kinematic viscosity 20cst (50), oil, or liquid similar to water and oil.

Chapter 2. Basic specification
Rated pressure
Rated flow L/h
Speed of pump min-1
Power KW
Chapter 3. Application and operation
2D-SY50/100, 2D-SY18/100 electric pressure test pumps are equipped with motor4KW, speed is 1500 min-1, speed reducer is BWD12-11-4, output transmission is 130 min-1, triangle
belt transmission is 1:1.
2D-SY18/100 pressure gauge test pump is equipped with motor 4KW, speed is 1500 min-1, speed reducer is BWD12-11-4, output transmission is 130 min-1, triangle belt transmission is 1:2.125. The speed of pump is 60 min-1. This pump is not only able to do loading changes tests, but also overloading tests and other water pressure tests.
Operating principles:

Do the preparation according to the Chapter 6, and have a trial run.
Select the pressure based on the pressure gauge being tested.
When doing load changes tests, the safety bolts shall be loosen up, put the flow valve to maximum, gradually adjust the flow valve after the pump starts operating, and meanwhile observe the pressure of opening safety valve. Tighten or loosen the safety valve according to the selected pressure until meeting the requirements, and then lock the safety bolt, conduct the test.
Turn off the flow valve when doing overloading tests, then test according to the regular method.

Chapter 4. Starting and stopping operation
Check the lubricants and make sure it keeps stay on the oil mark line.
Check the medium in the water tank clean or not, must not use polluted water with sand; otherwise it may jam up the pipe or the column bolt, valves worn out easily.
Check the joints and thread bolt tight or not.
Check the safety and circuit insulated or not.

Starting operation:
Turn on the motor, check if it is normal to run unloaded. The sound shall be even, without unusual noises, and then stop it.
Connect the container with the outlet of pressure testing pump, for testing the over-sized container, we need to fill up the tested container with clean test medium.
With the effect of motor, the 2 column bolts move back and forth to discharge the medium in the container and the pressure is then going up gradually.
When reached the pressure required, stop it and keep pressure still for the time required, check the container being tested.

Important things:
There shall be no noises when the pump is running.
Lubricants temperature is allowed to go up 45
If leakages are found during the pump operating, we need to stop immediately, check and repair after the pressure is unloaded, and operating with leakages is prohibited.
Regularly check the seal of bolt, the leakages allowed is about 20 drops. If serious leakage is found, we shall adjust time by time, however, adjusting too tightly is not allowed. (Please refer to Chapter 9)
Operating with pressure over the stated working pressure is strictly prohibited.

Chapter 5. Possible faults and solutions

1. The pressure on the pressure gauge is going up evenly or the pointer of pressure gauge sways but not going up.

Firstly, solve the problems outside the pump (the pipe system leakage of container being tested).
Check the valves of inlet and outlet and see if they are connected tightly, check if anything jammed in it, disassemble the grinding valve.
Check if the filter of inlet is clean or not, any leakages at inlet connection. Clean the filter, stop any leakages.
The water level in the water tank is too low, or the water is not clean. Add more water or change it.
Stuffing of column bolt is serious leaking or defective sleeve. The stuffing is not tight enough, shall adjust it. If damaged, please change it. If the leakage is not stopped, the sleeve is defective.

2. The power usage is too big.

Column bolt stuffing is too tight, loose it accordingly.
The moving parts are distorted
The pressure is over the highest pressure or the pressure gauge is a defect.
Chapter 8. Maintenance
Keep the surface of pressure testing pump tidy.
The water tank shall be cleaned before adding new medium, keeping feculences is not allowed.
The lubricants used for bearing shall be 10-20 lubricant.
The first change of lubricant shall be done after operating 60 hours. After 2 times changing lubricant, the following lubricant change can be done in every 500 hours.
When the pump is going to be unoccupied for a long time, discharge the water or other medium that are not anti-dust, and use anti-dust oil to run the pump. Lubricate the outside of the pump with lubricants.
When operating outdoor and the tempera

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