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Hydraulic Tset Pump

Duplex manual hydraulic test pump

Duplex manual hydraulic test pump

1¡¢Purpose: Model 2S-SY series duplex manual hydraulic test pump (hereinafter referred to as the pump) is the equipment which obtains liquid high pressure source in the test for various kinds of pressure vessels, pipings, valves, steam boilers etc specially.
2¡¢Standard: This pump is design as "JB/TQ453-463-86" and the "JB/TQ625-87" that based on the new machine developed by the Ministry of Industry a full range of test pressure pump (hereinafter referred to as pump) Standard. Basic parameters of performance, quality meets standards.
3¡¢Spec Scope: This series of pump with a characteristics of large flow from the low pressure to high pressure small flow, two kinds of flow can automatically transform in the rated discharge pressure of the following can be any number of test pressure, pressure rated 6.3,16,25,40,63 Mpa , It ¡®s more convenient for the user to choose .
II. Technical Parameters
Low-pressure cylinder working pressure: ¡Ý 0.3Mpa
Low-pressure plunger diameter: 50mm
Piston stroke: 55mm
Low Flow: 95ML
Handle Length: 860mm
Model parameters:


Rated pressure Mpa
Flow time Ml/time
Plunger diameter

Plunger travel


Handle maximum exerted force¡ÜN
Overall dimensions
low pressure
high pressure
low pressure
high pressure

III. Structure
¡¡¡¡¡¡The pump structure is simple and easy to operate, easy to grasp. It is composed of the water tank, frame, plunger, controller, handle and so on.
¡¡¡¡¡¡Under the water tank is equipped with four wheel easy to move,on the top of water tanks installed the water tanks, water tanks is composed of low-pressure cylinder, low pressure plunger and high pressure plunger and so on, low-pressure plunger body at the same time is a high-pressure cylinder, built-in high-pressure plunger, low pressure plunger is reciprocating at work through the linkage handle plate, low pressure cylinder and the radiator cap is made whole, in its top with rack and high-pressure cylinder, above the rack equipped with the controller, in the side of the controller were equipped release valve needle and hand wheel, the control valve needle and hand wheel and the work to take over. At the top of the controller is equipped with pressure gauge. When the pressure test pump work, directed by needle watch the value . The side of the rack with handle, transport board is used to operate low-pressure reciprocating plunger to do exercise.
¢ô¡¢The use of operating
Test pump prior to use at the beginning, you should first check around to adjust whether there is loose connection parts phenomenon. AII the pipes are smooth, the water in water tanks is clean, non-use of wastewater containing fibers of sediment debris and prevent the use of performance affect the pump. Examine and adjust, after completion, will be taken over and work test pressure vessels connected. Close release valve needle, open the control valve needle, and then operate the handle up and down fluctuations, forced to be uniform to avoid the impact, so do reciprocating plunger movement of water within the tank through the suction pipe inhaled low-pressure cylinder into the high-pressure cylinder and the controller, through the working pipe into the pressure vessel, the pressure value can be read out from the pressure gauge. The pressure should be directed at the pressure gauge the maximum value of the 2 / 3 less than the work. Maximum working pressure shall not exceed the model under test pressure rated pump discharge pressure value.
When the low-pressure cylinder pressure is higher than 0.3Mpa, the reflux valve is opened so that the extra water row backwater box.
Pressure vessels were tested under the pressure of the need to retain a certain period of time, it can tighten the control valve hand wheel. Close control valve needle, so that pressure vessel was isolated with the pump ,it can be more accurately read out the value of compression pressure on the container. During the trial if there are leaks , must stop to carry out repair work at an immediate. under Leakage, the pressure continue to increase is prohibited. After the pressure test is completed ,first release the control valve needle, then release drainage needle. In the release the hand wheel should be slow and uniform, to avoid a sudden turn to needle damaged.

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