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Raoyang Hongyuan Machinery Co., Ltd. (Raoyang Pressure Test Pump Factory) is a high-tech enterprise in Hebei Province, was founded in 1978, the original machinery and electronics industry test pump manufacturing enterprises. After decades of ups and vicissitudes of life and hard work, is a modern standard workshop 15,000 square meters, total assets of 6,000 million. Companies in the domestic industry leading position, is engaged in filling equipment, pressure testing equipment, hose equipment and sawing equipment withhold product development, production, sales and technical service expertise. The company has strong technology development strength, advanced production facilities, complete testing conditions, the modern scientific management system. And passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification, the products sell well all over the country and exported to Southeast Asia and Europe and the United States.
¡¡Focus on science and technology investment company, the annual technical cooperation with domestic universities, professors hired as a technical consultant. In recent years, has developed a high-pressure pneumatic test pump, computer-controlled test pump, NC locks the machine, automatic fire extinguisher powder filling machine, high precision fire extinguisher powder filling lines and other new products, including high pressure, numerical test pump research and development so that my company ranked first in the domestic industry, a test pump industry leader; GFM8-2 type fire extinguisher powder filling machine for filling the domestic blank, and access to national utility model patent title; precision fire extinguisher powder filling line As the pioneer of dry powder filling technology patent the State 5 in the world to know the industry enjoys a high brightness.
¡¡Management science, advanced technology, innovation and high, over the years in support of our customers have made great progress: The Industry and Commerce Administration of Hebei Province was named "the contract and keeping promises units"; award issued by the Office of Science Education of Hebei Province " High-tech Enterprise Certificate "title; 4D-SY series of electrical pressure test pump was rated as" high quality products in Hebei Province "; Hao Japan licensing powder filling machine won the" Hengshui City Famous Brand "; ho at license test pump, filling Equipment was rated as "Chinese famous brand products"; fire filling products through the National Fire Equipment Quality Supervision Inspection Center


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